Do you get endless cyber related questions?
We’ll help you answer them confidently.

Virtual CISO Services

Cyber leadership that will improve your cyber resilience
  • Develop and implement high-impact cyber strategies
  • Build effective cyber governance and business-focussed cyber metrics
  • Build a cost-effective cyber function suited to your organisational needs
Office Staff

Cyber Advisory as a Service

Pragmatic cyber risk management processes and advice
  • Develop customised policies and processes, and embed them into existing business processes
  • Conduct threat and risk assessments on new and existing technologies, including cloud services
  • Provide security by design advice on technology projects

Cyberculture as a Service

Effective strategies to strengthen the human factor
  • Build effective cyberculture programs with meaningful metrics
  • Engage executive management in cyberculture activities
  • Enlist staff support for cybersecurity throughout the organisation
Work mode

Privacy Advisory as a Service

Meet your privacy obligations
  • Identify applicable privacy acts, regulations and principles
  • Conduct privacy impact assessments
  • Develop and implement effective privacy management strategies
  • Provide support in case of a privacy breach
Showing cyber risk

Cyber Assurance

Gain actionable insights into your cyber risk
  • Develop and implement cyber assurance programs
  • Conduct organisational cybersecurity reviews
  • Conduct third party cyber assessments and due deligence
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Our promise to you

Customised services

Services suited to your needs and environment

Speaking to the business

Language senior business leaders understand

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Cost effective

Utilise available funding for the best outcome

Experience and Expertise

A team that knows how to make cybersecurity work


Have you been frustrated by

  • Confusing standards, regulations and frameworks?
  • Cyber strategies that don’t work?
  • Cyber assurance that recommends activities that are never implemented?
  • Spending cyber budgets on cyber capabilities that don’t improve cyber posture?
  • Cyber metrics that always leave senior management asking more questions?
  • Cyber governance processes that don’t work?

We can help

Our team has worked with various of technology leaders like you – leaders that just want to help their organisations improve cyber effectiveness, but struggle.

Our approach helps you identify the key priorities, implementation approach and maintaining operational excellence.

At CYBERLASTIC, we’ll help you prioritise capabilities to simplify and make cyber security affordable.

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We’ll customise to your environment, prioritise capabilities and help you communicate cybersecurity effectively